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Upcoming Crowdfunding Campaign

Last weekend at the 151st Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Resaca in Resaca, GA, our amazing cinematographer, O.K. Keyes, and I were hard at work shooting a video for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign, which is scheduled for launch this JULY! That's less than 2 months away, which means we have a ton of work to do.

In order to make Reenactress a reality, we are planning to raise a considerable amount of funds for gear and equipment. For example, we would like to buy or rent a drone to produce high-quality arial footage of battle scenes. We also want to hire several additional crew members for the film including a sound recordist to help improve the audio recordings of our interviews and scenes, a composer to work on creating a period-themed score for the film as well as musicians to record that score, and a professional editor to help us craft the complete story. We also want to attend more reenactment events add more interviews of some amazing women to make sure that Reenactress portrays a well-rounded viewpoint about women soldiers and women in the ranks. In order to capture everything we need, for example a visit to Chalmette National Cemetery in near New Orleans, LA, where Rosetta Wakeman (aka Lyons Wakeman) is buried, will require funding for travel and accommodations.

I am working with one of our new producers, Jacob Brumfield, who is putting together a complete budget so we can have a better idea of how much everything is going to cost and how much funding we will need.

We are also coming up with a PR campaign for our online fundraiser to make sure to get the word out to as many people as possible so that anyone who would like to be a part of making this film happen can get involved. We are in search of any news outlets or blogs who would like to feature our project and help us spread our message.

On Tuesday, I also met with a good friend who is a visual artist and graphic designer, and she is working on coming up with some designs for our campaign rewards, which we hope will include cool things like an official Reenactress poster as well as t-shirts and tote bags.

If you have any suggestions or want to help, you can comment here or email me at

With your help, we can make this dream come true! Thanks in advance!